Top 10 must-see tourist cities in China

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China is a very beautiful country, she has the world's largest population, vast territory, very beautiful scenery and a long history and culture, so China is a vast place, which cities are worth visiting? Let's go together to see!


1, Chengdu: Chengdu is one of the top ten must-see tourist cities in China, where the beautiful scenery is intoxicating, and there are very popular free attractions with Chengdu characteristics, such as Chunxi Road, Jinli, Kuanzhai Alley, etc., which can have a good travel experience without spending a lot of money.

2, Hong Kong: Hong Kong is a "shopping paradise" in China, everyone in Hong Kong will not be able to resist their own hands to buy, where the streets are full of stores and goods, giving people a dazzling feeling, not only a variety of cheap than the mainland, so it is also a popular tourist city in China.

3, Harbin: Harbin's winter is the most beautiful season of the year, when the ice and snow cover, can show people the most perfect and charming side of the northern scenery, Ice and Snow World is the world's largest outdoor ice and snow theme of mega entertainment project, is also the most worthwhile attractions in Harbin.

4, Sanya: Sanya is located in China's second largest island of Hainan Province, where the climate is comfortable and pleasant all year round, especially in winter very time to come to keep warm from the cold, Sanya's sea is very clear, the beach is fine and soft, there will be a lot of sea entertainment, is a first-class international tourist destination.

5、Suzhou: Suzhou is exceptionally beautiful, with the most special Suzhou garden landscape, its gentle water town temperament and leisurely pace of life attracts many tourists, in Suzhou you will not feel the hustle and bustle of the city and the great pressure, can only feel the usual leisurely.

6, Hulunbeier: Hulunbeier's grassland has the name of "pasture kingdom", grassland and desert is a tourist card of Hulunbeier, it is clean and pure, endless large green grassland deeply attracted people's attention, is the sixth of China's top ten must-see tourist cities.

7, Dunhuang: Dunhuang city is famous for Dunhuang Mogao Caves, itself in the ancient Silk Road in China's golden section, the ancient economic development of China and foreign exchanges have a significant role, Mogao Caves, the Crescent Spring and other tourist attractions every year to attract thousands of tourists to visit.

8, Xiamen: Xiamen is a popular city for tourism, Gulangyu Island is the most famous, Gulangyu Island is very moody, full of romantic features of the small stores all over the island, every year Green Jade season can usher in a large number of tourists, in addition to Gulangyu Island, Chongwu, Wuyishan and other attractions are also worth visiting.

9, Guilin: mention the beautiful scenery, Guilin must be a city that you can not ignore, "Guilin landscape a world" so that the landscape of Guilin is famous in China and abroad, here like a private collection of God, take a boat tour in the Li River so that people are not in awe at all times.

Beijing is the capital of China, the heart of the motherland, with many tourist attractions, including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Temple of Earth, the Bird's Nest, and the Yonghe Palace.

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