What is Kung Fu? What is Chinese martial arts? Is it powerful?

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Many people have heard of kung fu and Bruce Lee, but do you know what kung fu is all about? Kung Fu is also known as Chinese martial arts, Chinese martial arts is one of the traditional Chinese cultures and is a traditional Chinese sport, the purpose of which is to strengthen one's health and defend oneself. The upper martial arts can be used to level the world; the middle martial arts can be used to enter the Che, to protect the body and mind; and the lower martial arts can be used to protect against aggression.

The Chinese martial arts have a long history, dating back to the earliest Shang and Zhou periods, and have an extremely wide popular base. It is one of the outstanding cultural heritages of the Chinese people.


Chinese martial arts is the practice of a high level of self-protection techniques to stop attacks. It allows our minds to be trained in resilience based on practical solutions to safety issues, is easy to use, can easily improve one's mental and physical qualities, defence and fitness, refinement and excellence, and happiness and accommodation.

Chinese martial arts require both internal and external training:

To practise martial arts, we first practise "stopping" to repair our internal cowardice and correct external violence. The cowardice and violence referred to here include thought, speech and action.

1. Stop cowardice internally. Knowing shame is better than being brave. When we know that we are cowardly, weak and incapable, we have the courage to face our shortcomings and fix them.

If we are not willing to face this cowardice, this vulnerability, then we are unable to deal with the dangers we may face, in fact, we are creating a crisis for ourselves ...... will become more and more cowardly and difficult to extricate ourselves.

2. outside stop violence. The characteristic of violence is aggressiveness, and aggressiveness is characterized by a preference for "fighting back" as a "victim".

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The martial artist practices higher wisdom and does not create new injuries or new problems for himself to solve. The only true skill is to do nothing under the sun.

The Chinese martial arts are probably best known for the Shaolin Temple, mainly due to the fame of the film Shaolin Temple, starring Jet Li, both at home and abroad.

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