Guangzhou cuisine, ginger milk, ginger milk is delicious? How to make it?

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Whether you've been to Guangzhou or not, there is one dish that you must try when you have the chance. Ginger milk is a special snack of Guangzhou, a traditional dish of the Pearl River Delta region, and belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. Ginger milk is made of ginger juice and milk as the main raw material, and it tastes smooth, sweet and slightly spicy, with a unique flavor.

On February 2, 2010, the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce of the Food and Beverage Industry held a press conference, boat congee, Brahmi noodles, ginger milk, barbecue pork buns, wonton noodles, radish beef and other 10 kinds of Guangzhou famous snacks will be inscribed. The person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission said that the famous snack food heritage, is conducive to the protection of traditional snack food production process, but also help to explore the cultural connotations and heritage of the city.


Index of this article

I. Overview of the introduction of ginger milk

II. the legend of ginger milk

III. ginger milk production principle

IV. ginger milk production methods

V. ginger milk nutritional benefits

I. Overview of ginger milk

Guangzhou ginger milk from the Pearl River Delta around the traditional folk cuisine. The taste is mellow and smooth, sweet and slightly spicy, with a unique flavor and a warming effect on the stomach table heat. Ginger, known for both medicine and food, research has found that ginger contains a special substance similar to salicylic acid, diluted as a blood thinner, to lower blood lipids, blood pressure, prevent thrombosis and myocardial infarction, etc., has a special therapeutic effect, often eaten to strengthen health, health and life effects loved by people from all walks of life.

II. ginger milk legend

About ginger milk, there are legends. Once upon a time, in Shawan Town, Panyu, Guangdong Province, an elderly granny cough disease, after knowing that ginger juice can cure cough, but the ginger juice is too spicy, the granny can not drink it, the daughter-in-law will then boil the buffalo milk with sugar, pour it into the bowl containing ginger juice, the strange thing is that after a while the milk condensed, the granny drank it and felt full of freshness. She was cured the next day. So ginger milk in Shawan town spread, Shawan people called "curdled" "buried" so "ginger milk" in Shawan is also called "ginger buried milk "Ginger milk.

III. ginger milk production principle

Ginger milk is mainly made by the chemical reaction between ginger juice and milk in a certain temperature range (40 degrees - 100 degrees), which makes the milk coagulate. The traditional method of making the milk is to lower the temperature of the milk slightly to make the finished product taste better.

IV. How to make ginger milk

Ingredients: buy fresh buffalo milk in the market (1 pound can make 2½ bowls), freshly squeezed ginger juice (no machine, can be freshly ground and then isolated juice), sugar.

Practice: boil milk + sugar, boil (be sure to boil the buffalo milk) off the heat, let cool for 30 seconds and then pour into a bowl with ginger juice, about 10 minutes or so to solidify. Next no need to teach it.

1, to use fresh buffalo milk, tried to use boxed Erie pure milk, but also can be successful.

2, to use fresh instant ginger juice, tried to use overnight ginger juice, failure!

3, such as a thermometer is in the milk after cooking at 70-80 degrees when poured into the ginger juice.

How to make ginger milk:

Main ingredients: milk

auxiliary ingredients: ginger, black sesame, wolfberry

Seasoning: salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate

1, old ginger peeled, washed and chopped, pounded into ginger puree, milk boiled in a pot and poured into a bowl, add sugar and mix well, wait until the temperature drops to 70 degrees, pour into the ginger puree, add a lid and let stand for 10 minutes or so;

2: Dice bread, dip in egg mixture and fry in a pan until browned, sprinkle a little salt and mix well, put in ginger milk, garnish with goji berries and black sesame seeds.

Ginger milk production points

1, milk to fresh buffalo milk is best, to make more authentic, of course, other milk can also be. The ginger juice and milk should be mixed completely.

2, the control of temperature: in addition to the pot boiling, milk can also be placed in the microwave (high heat for a minute and a half), the temperature control at about 60 degrees.

3, the key to delicious: the so-called ginger milk, "hit" is a key point. The deliciousness of ginger milk lies in the passionate collision of milk and ginger, the perfect blend of sweet and spicy in a flash. When pouring milk, mention the cup to a certain height, do not hesitate to tilt the cup at a specific angle in a split second, so that the milk is quickly poured into the ginger juice, at least in 4-5 seconds, to produce such a perfect taste!


V. ginger milk nutritional benefits

Ginger, warm in nature and pungent in taste, has the effect of relieving sweating, warming and suspending vomiting, and the 100-day ginger is a natural plant with a more yang nature.

The milk is nutritious, easy to digest and absorb, inexpensive, easy to eat, known as "white blood", is a more feminine natural food.

Ginger milk has the effect of dispelling cold and blood, nourishing beauty, relieving cough and sleeping. It is rich in essential iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements and vitamins, which are excellent for promoting brain cell development, adjusting blood energy and promoting bone growth.

Ginger milk is a very delicious Guangzhou delicacy and is rich in essential iron, zinc, calcium and other inorganic salts and vitamins and other nutrients. In many dessert snack stores in Guangzhou, you will find ginger milk, so if you are lucky enough to come to Guangzhou, remember to have a bowl of it.

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