China Guangzhou cuisine crispy roast goose, how is the taste of Canton crispy roast goose?

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In Guangzhou, China, there is such a delicacy that you will want to eat again after eating it: crispy roast goose. Crispy roast goose is one of the most famous snacks in Guangzhou, Guangdong, with a fresh and fragrant taste, belonging to the Cantonese cuisine. The main ingredient is black brown goose with three flavors of syrup, five-spice salt and sour plum sauce. Let's learn more about this famous Guangzhou dish together!

I. Overview of crispy roast goose introduction

Crispy roast goose is one of the most famous snacks in Guangzhou, Guangdong, with fresh and fragrant taste, belonging to the Cantonese cuisine. The main ingredients are 1 black brown goose with three flavors of syrup, five spice salt and sour plum sauce. The hot, oily and red crispy roast goose is best tasted in your mouth within half an hour after it comes out of the oven. Guangzhou roast goose, which has long been the top superstar of the Cantonese menu, has traveled all over the streets and alleys, yet it is not easy to taste a roast goose with crispy skin and fragrant meat that is ready to be roasted. The roast goose sold in restaurants and barbecue stalls is sometimes served hot, and the word "crispy" has become far-fetched due to the "second heating" of the microwave oven.


The aroma of the whole goose, thanks to the 18 spices, seasonings, Chinese herbs marinated together in the chest of the goose in Qingyuan Wu mane. Diameter of three and a half feet of large tile jar, but also need to use charcoal fire at a temperature of one hundred degrees Celsius hot jar for an hour, before hanging Wu Mane light goose, 40 minutes later, the whole body expansion, red skin color of the roast goose can be out of the oven. Under detailed examination, this wu mane goose from hair goose to light goose journey is not ordinary at all, first, selected has been raised for 90 to 100 days of Qingyuan wu mane shed goose, less than or more than the date of raising goose is grilled goose will become goose meat flabby or goose skin tough and hard. Then, there are seven steps of foreplay, such as slaughtering, digging, feeding, shelling, blowing, baking and air-drying. Loke water, that is, fly water, the blowing of the light goose's epidermis miscellaneous things in warm water away, while shrinking the hair fine, keep the light goose bulging body shape, barbecue, goose body epidermis can be evenly heated. Air dry, is the light goose into the oven before the last link, in the continuous, strong wind, light goose from inside to outside of the excess moisture was dried up seventy to eighty percent. Air-drying time, had to ask the sky, summer wet and stifling high temperature season, air-drying to use eight hours; winter wind high material dry, air-drying only with three or four hours on the line.

II. the origin of crispy roast goose dishes

Guangdong roast goose originated from the roast duck, the Chinese North and South Dynasties period of the book "Food Zhen Lu", there are roast duck records. At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Wen Tianxiang, Chen Wenlong and other aspirants protected the young emperor and retreated to Guangdong to insist on fighting against the Yuan, and the Southern Song chefs came to Guangdong with them. As a famous dish of the Song Dynasty, roast duck was naturally brought here. Guangdong did not have the duck produced in Hangzhou, so the chef replaced it with the local goose and improved it into the unique Canton style roast goose.

In the "Guangzhou Bamboo Lyrics" written during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, it is written: "Hanging oven roast duck is beautiful and fragrant, but better than roast goose said Gugang (now Xinhui), swallow thin ring fat each good and wonderful, you do not focus on the cheap place", which shows that roast goose and roast duck have long been famous in Cantonese cuisine. At the beginning of the reform and opening up in the 1970s and 1980s, as the most common and popular barbecue meat in Guangzhou, with its "golden red color, crispy skin and tender meat, delicious taste" characteristics, in the provincial capital of the streets and alleys of the burned brine stores can be seen everywhere.

III. crispy roast goose production process

Main ingredients: black brown goose 1 about 3500 grams.

Syrup recipe: 400 grams of sugar, lemon 50 ml, 180 ml of water.

Five spice salt recipe: 350 grams of refined salt, 150 grams of sugar, 25 grams of ginger powder, 10 grams of star anise powder, 10 grams of chicken essence, 25 grams of peanut butter, 15 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of ethyl maltol.

Sour plum sauce recipe

(1) 2000g of plum, 50g of garlic paste, 10g of ginger rice, 10g of minced peel, 30g of lemon, 25g of mint leaves, 500g of white vinegar, 1100g of rock sugar.

(2) 500g of plum, 100g of columnar sauce, 50g of sesame sauce, 50g of peanut butter, 150g of white vinegar, 150g of sugar, 10g of five spice powder, 15g of minced garlic, 100g of raw oil.


Production Process:

Top cavity: choose the black brown goose with its belly cavity opened to take out the dirt and remove the wings and palm, put about 200g of five spice salt or sour plum sauce to coat the cavity with hands, and put two star anise, a small piece of

Ginger pieces and three grains of garlic meat, and then use the duck tail needle to sew up the belly cavity, and then use the "skin tiger" will be swollen goose body, such as blowing with the mouth, then use the left hand to turn up the neck skin of the throat incision, the right hand to hold the wings, press the belly cavity sewing mouth, and then slowly blow the air into the mouth, in order to blow the swollen goose body, the most simple and rapid method of pumping is used as an oxygenating pump instead of the above two of the method.

Scalding water: after the light goose to hit the inflation, hold the goose leg joints with your hand, put the goose head into the boiling water (also add a small amount of food powder to help loosen), quickly scalded, and then

And then change hands to hold the goose neck, and then the goose body into the boiling water, in order to evenly scald the goose skin tight (time must not be too long, so as not to overcook the skin and oil), and then put the light goose into the water, the goose body slightly bleached cold, in order to avoid the light goose by the heat too long overflow of fat, and affect the skin color and crispness;;

On the skin: wait for the light goose bleaching cold and dry water, with open even syrup coated light goose whole body, especially to repeat brush both sides of the goose spleen (legs), and then use roast duck ring from the bottom of the duck wing

Hook up, the goose head around the clip in the steel ring of the roast duck ring, and then the goose wing finishing fit, because the goose wing is longer, no need to roast duck like, the hook of the duck ring into the bottom of the wing.

Roasting skin: to be light goose on the good sugar and hooked with roast duck ring, the goose back to the fire, chest to the wall, hooked into the micro-fire barbecue oven, with a slow fire low temperature open cover roast until the skin dry,.

Then put it in front of the fan to blow the goose body to cool.

Barbecue: After the goose is blown cool, light the barbecue, wait for the charcoal to burn until the middle fire and barbecue reaches high temperature, hang the goose into the oven, again with the goose's back to the fire, chest to the wall.

Cover the stove cover, stewing for about 15 minutes, at this time should open the stove cover to observe whether the goose thighs (legs) evenly colored, such as otherwise should not color the goose thighs (legs) to the fire, in order to make the goose body evenly colored; burn until the goose only slightly protruding eyes, color golden red can be; can also be burned in the goose only to the golden red, remove and put the goose only flat, depending on the open cavity with rolling water overflow that represents has been cooked; but do not open the cavity to people or to have However, do not open the cavity to people or to have, so as not to be open cavity overflowing oil and water burns; In addition, if the roast goose is taken out, its breast meat epidermis instantly and quickly contracted can also be regarded as cooked performance; goose cooked, while hot with row of pens coated with raw oil to increase the luster.

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